ROCK Cloud — LiDAR Data Processing Software

Meet the powerful cloud-based platform by ROCK Robotic, designed make 3D data processing easy. ROCK Cloud offers users a streamlined and efficient way to turn raw data into precise and insightful 3D models, point clouds, and more.

Experience seamless collaboration, real-time processing, and a host of features and options, all hosted securely in the ROCK Cloud.

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ROCK Cloud - Deliverables
Survey Deliverables

Easily get survey-grade professional deliverables with just a click of a button inside of the Cloud: Topos, Vegetation Management, Planimetrics, SLAM, and Hydrology.

ROCK Cloud - Orthomosaic Support
Orthomosaic Support

Create and merge seamless, accurate orthomosaics with LiDAR data for detailed aerial imagery analysis and professional deliverables.

SLAM Processing

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping enables handheld mapping in GPS denied or difficult to scan environments. Process SLAM data supported in the ROCK Cloud.

Viewing & Modifying Data

Easily view and modify 3D Topographic Surfaces directly in the ROCK Cloud. Make real-time adjustments to your project data to help achieve the best results.

Calculating Volumetrics

Use the Stockpile Tool to click and draw a polygon around any object in your point cloud and calculate the volume and cut/fill.

GCPs & Accuracy Reports

Effortlessly upload a CSV of Ground Control Points to your project or add them in. Use the Quick Alignment Tool to align your dataset.

Meet the Instructor

Harrison Knoll is a visionary entrepreneur and industry leader, renowned for his dynamic contributions to the field of geospatial technology. As the CEO of ROCK Robotic and host of Indiana Drones (YouTube), he has been instrumental in shaping the company's trajectory as a global powerhouse in LiDAR innovation and solutions.

With a strong academic foundation in physics, engineering and business management, Harrison Knoll embarked on his career journey with a passion for marrying cutting-edge technology with real-world applications. His deep understanding of LiDAR's transformative potential led him to co-found ROCK Robotic, a company that has redefined the boundaries of LiDAR technology.