Introduction to ROCK Cloud

Introduction to the ROCK Cloud

Learn how-to harness the capabilities of the ROCK Cloud by:

  • Creating Projects and Editing Projects: This module will provide a detailed step-by-step workflow to take your point cloud data and turn it into meaningful deliverables for you and your clients.

  • Creating Essential Models & Maps: These lessons will guide you through essential tasks, including the creation of bare earth models, contour maps, service models, and accuracy reports. These tools are fundamental for generating accurate representations of the terrain and ensuring project success.

  • Efficient Point Cloud Editing: Learn how-to seamlessly master your data using advanced tools like real-time classification, data trimming, alignment, profile measurement, stockpile analysis and more.

  • Collaboration & Data Sharing: The ROCK Cloud empowers collaboration by allowing data sets to be shared within organizations and with clients.

Example Dataset: Traditional Survey Points from a Traverse (R3 Pro)

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